New film “Bennett’s War” rides a soldier’s high-octane return from war

Country music star Trace Adkins and soaps star Michael Roark star in the fast-paced return-from-war indy flick due Aug. 31.

A new, independent film is looking to shake up the narrative of American soldiers returning home from war.

In “Bennett’s War,” motocross is the path to salvation.


The film, produced by independent studio Forrest Films, stars Michael Roark (Magic Mike, “The Young and the Restless”) as Marshall Bennett, a soldier in the Army Motorcycle Unit who is medically discharged from the service following an IED explosion overseas.

After undergoing life-saving surgery, Bennett’s motorcycle riding days are over. Things change when his family’s farm is about to be foreclosed upon.

Country musician Trace Adkins (The Lincoln Lawyer) stars as the protagonist’s father, Cal Bennett. Allison Page (“Days of Our Lives”) stars as Sophie Bennett, the protagonist’s wife and motocross crew team manager.

Bennett’s War hits theaters on Aug. 31.

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