Staring down substitute teacher shortage, one Valley school district ups the ante with new bonuses

One bonus is a preemptive strike for missing teachers for Nov. 12, the day after Veteran’s Day.

Some substitute teachers are going to see an increase in pay starting next school year, that’s according to one local school district.

Fresno Unified School District says substitute teachers will receive an additional $200 in pay for those who teach 20 consecutive days.


“We are happy to offer these two additional incentives to our substitute teachers,” said Fresno Unified Superintendent, Bob Nelson. “We know that having our substitute teachers commit to teaching consecutive days at our schools goes a long way towards consistency and stability for our students.”

The school district says it expects many teacher absences the day after Veteran’s Day, Nov. 12. That said, Fresno Unified says those who substitute teach on that day will receive an additional $100.

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