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Second Fresno Co. private school reopens against state coronavirus orders

A private school in Clovis is following in the footsteps of Reedley’s Immanuel Schools, reopening the campus for in-person instruction. 

Clovis Christian Schools reportedly reopened on Monday as children were seen running around outside during recess. 

Since Fresno County is currently on the state’s coronavirus watch list, schools are not permitted to reopen and must instead provide instruction fully online. 

Schools will be allowed to reopen once Fresno County has been removed from the watch list for 14 days. 

Interim Health Officer Dr. Rais Vohra said the county is currently collecting information on the situation with Clovis Christian Schools and had no further comment during his Tuesday briefing.

Last week, Fresno County Department of Public Health Director David Pomaville said the county will head to Fresno County Superior Court to receive a restraining order and injunction against Immanuel Schools, forcing a closure. 

The county also issued a health order directed at shutting down Immanuel Schools, threatening a $1,000 fine for every day the schools violate the order. 

However, after four straight school days of in-person instruction, the County has yet to file any legal action against the private Christian school system.

County sources told The Sun that the public health department has received significant autonomy to act relative to violations of school reopening plans, meaning further health officer orders, fines and injunctions could be on tap for any other schools who defy state and local orders and reopen. 

For Immanuel and Clovis Christian School, an appearance in Fresno County Superior Court may be a matter of “when” rather than “if.”

Photo: Clovis Christian Schools

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