San Joaquin Memorial taps alum Goston as interim principal

Fresno’s San Joaquin Memorial High School named its first-ever principal on Tuesday, and it didn’t have to look to far to find him.

The Catholic private school, which operated on a “Head of School” model of administering the campus, announced Anthony Goston will serve as the high school’s interim principal.


Goston, a 1994 alum of the school and previously the Assistant Head of School for Student Affairs, has had a number of roles on campus dating back to 1998.

He is also the school’s head football coach.

“I’m very passionate about this place,” Goston said in a statement. “I have a great sense of pride in what we do and what we represent as a school to our community and I’m thankful and honored by the opportunity to continue to give back.”

Goston’s appointment comes after a three-month search for a Principal. The school said that the search, conducted by the board of directors, failed to yield a long-term option.

His first day in the new role is July 1, with an eye toward restoring post-COVID normalcy back to campus.

“My goal is to bring some clarity to our administrative structure and make sure everything we do is student-centered,” he said. “And especially post-COVID, I want to bring some normalcy back to campus.” 

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