$1mil grant headed to West Hills for broadband expansion

West Hills is also looking for someone to lead its broadband project

West Hills Community College District secured a $1 million grant from the United States Department of Agriculture to expand broadband access. 

The grant will help establish the Rural Broadband Initiative Cooperative Network (RuBICON). 


The big picture: RuBICON is aimed at providing affordable broadband services to rural communities and farms in the Central Valley. 

  • The project would form a cooperative to deliver reliable and cost-effective broadband access to communities, similar to the electric co-op movement seen in rural areas. 
  • West Hills is searching for a project director to lead RuBICON and is currently accepting applications

What they’re saying: West Hills Associate Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Jeff Seed said the project is designed to facilitate cost-effective broadband deployment with the goal of serving as a model to be replicated across the nation.

  • “This is not just about broadband access – it’s about fostering sustainable farming, building robust local economies, and empowering our rural communities for the digital future,” Seed said.
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