State to install 480 cameras in Oakland to combat crime

California seeks to continue to fight crime in Oakland, which has driven businesses out of the city.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday that the state is installing 480 security cameras in Oakland and throughout the East Bay. 

The cameras will help law enforcement identify vehicles linked to crimes using real-time information and alerts. 


Driving the news: The high-tech cameras will be installed throughout the city and on the freeways in the East Bay to combat criminal activity and freeway violence. 

  • The camera network uses technology that allows law enforcement to identify vehicle attributes beyond license plate numbers. 
  • There will be 290 cameras installed within the city on surface streets and 190 on state highways. 
  • The camera network will enable law enforcement to search for vehicles by type, make, color and other ways. 
  • The system will alert law enforcement when a suspected crime-linked vehicle is spotted. 

The backstory: Friday’s announcement comes a month after Newsom sent 120 California Highway Patrol officers to the East Bay to help fight crime. 

What they’re saying: “This investment marks another step forward in our commitment to bolstering public safety and tackling organized crime and roadway violence in Oakland and across California,” Newsom said. “With the installation of this 480 high-tech camera network, we’re equipping law enforcement with the tools they need to effectively combat criminal activity and hold perpetrators accountable – building safer, stronger communities for all Californians.”

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