Calif. mulls jumping gun on energy bill relief

With residential natural gas bills at all-time highs, California power regulators are considering distributing energy credits ahead of schedule.

Californians could see relief on their energy bills sooner than expected in the form of annual California Climate Credits. 

The California Public Utilities Commission typically transmits its electric and natural gas credits in April, but CPUC President Alice Reynolds reportedly said the commission is considering distributing them early. 


Driving the news: Natural gas bills across the state have been considerably higher than average as cooler temperatures and a smaller supply of natural gas has led prices to skyrocket. 

  • SoCal Gas, meanwhile, issued gloomier projections for its customers, predicting a doubling of gas rates.

The big picture: PG&E customers are scheduled to receive a $38.39 electric credit and a $52.78 natural gas credit in April. 

  • Southern California Edison customers are projected to receive a $71.00 electric credit.
  • SoCalGas customers are projected to receive a $50.77 natural gas credit in April.
  • The credits are part of a state program that requires power plants, natural gas providers and industries that emit greenhouse gases to purchase carbon allowances through the state Air Resources Board. 
  • The credits will appear automatically on energy bills and do not require residents to do anything to receive them. 
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