Police arrest pro-Palestinian protesters at Stanford

Protestors occupied and vandalized buildings at Stanford.

Thirteen people were arrested at Stanford University after pro-Palestinian demonstrators occupied the school president and provost’s offices.

Protestors caused extensive vandalism inside and outside the building, according to officials. 


Driving the news: Protesters barricaded themselves inside the building while others linked arms outside.

  • The demonstrators cheered in support as fellow protesters were escorted out of the building and loaded into law enforcement vehicles.
  • Stanford students who participated in the protest would be immediately suspended, and any seniors would not be allowed to graduate.
  • The university also removed a student encampment of Palestinian supporters on campus on April 25, citing public safety concerns and violations of school policies.

Go deeper: University officials announced that the situation on campus has crossed the line from peaceful protest to actions that threaten the safety of the community.

  • One law enforcement officer was lightly injured when he was shoved by protesters interfering with the transport vehicle.
  • The protest organizers seek to amplify calls to end Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza, which they describe as a genocide against the Palestinians.
  • There was extensive graffiti on the sandstone buildings and columns of the Main Quad. The graffiti conveyed vile and hateful sentiments that the university administration condemned in the strongest terms.
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