New bill would ensure continued funding for state missing persons DNA program

Over 2,000 missing persons have been identified through the program.

A proposed law would keep California’s Missing Persons DNA Program funded moving forward. 

Asm. Stephanie Nguyen (D–Elk Grove) and California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Assembly Bill 3042 on Monday to continue supporting the program. 


The backstory: Voters approved Proposition 69 in 2004, which directed money from criminal fines toward the state’s Missing Persons DNA Program. 

  • Proposition 69 has delivered over $74 million to the state Department of Justice in nearly two decades. 
  • The proposition has a 20-year sunset clause, meaning criminal fines would not support the program moving ahead without further action. 

The big picture: AB 3042 would eliminate the sunset altogether to allow the program to keep being funded. 

  • The program compares DNA from missing persons and unidentified human remains with DNA from clothing from missing persons and DNA from relatives of missing persons. 
  • The program is provided at no cost to investigating law enforcement agencies and coroner’s offices, and biological relatives of missing persons are not compelled to provide  a sample. 
  • Bonta and Nguyen announced the program has identified over 2,000 missing persons since it was established in 2001, including the Golden State Killer. 

What they’re saying: “This program is just one of the essential services provided by our Bureau of Forensic Services,” Bonta said. “The Bureau receives crucial funding through Proposition 69, and AB 3024 would ensure that Proposition 69 remains in place to support our efforts to solve crime through forensic services.” 

  • Nguyen added, “I would never feel safe knowing someone who has harmed me or my loved ones are still out there. I am proud to author AB 3042 in collaboration with Attorney General Bonta to continue key funding to better support public safety in our communities as well as exonerating the innocent.” 
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