New bill would ban young children from riding e-bikes

A Southern California Democrat is seeking greater regulations on children riding e-bikes in the Golden State.

Children under the age of 12 would be prohibited from riding electric bikes under a new California law that was introduced to the Assembly this month. 

The bill would also require all older children who do not have a driver’s license to take an online e-bike safety training course and pass a written test in order to use e-bikes. 


The big picture: Asm. Tasha Boerner (D–Encinitas) introduced Assembly Bill 2234 in what she says is to ensure the safety of e-bike riders and those who share the roads. 

  • Class 3 e-bikes can go up to 28 miles per hour, raising concerns about their safety. 
  • The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System reported 3,945 e-bike injuries between 2011 and 2020. 
  • Children ages 10 to 13 made up 44 percent of those injuries. 
  • AB 2234 would also require anyone who wants to ride an e-bike who does not have a driver’s license to obtain a state-issued ID. 

What they’re saying: “Owning and riding an e-bike is a big responsibility, and it is crucial that children and their parents understand the liability they take on when they get on an e-bike that can go nearly 30 miles per hour,” Boerner said in a statement. “As an avid cyclist and a mother, my goal is to ensure that California’s young riders are educated on the rules of the road to increase their safety and the safety of other road users.”

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