California Democratic Party convention disrupted by protests

As is happening across the nation, pro-Palestinian protesters are demanding a cease-fire at public events.

Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted the California Democratic Party convention in Sacramento, leading to the cancellation of events on Saturday. 

Driving the news: Demonstrators were able to enter the convention center, waving Palestinian flags and calling for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war.


  • The crowd chanted phrases like “Shut it down!” and “From the river to the sea.” 
  • Streets around the state Capitol were shut down, and law enforcement monitored the protest from across the street.
  • Protesters blocked access to rooms where caucuses were about to begin, and some meetings were canceled.
  • The disruption occurred despite additional security measures implemented by the party.
  • Inside the Sheraton hotel lobby bar, party insiders continued to socialize with little alarm.
  • Earlier in the day, activists disrupted a forum with four Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate.

What they’re saying: California Democratic Party Chair Rusty Hicks admonished the crows for their outbursts during the event and said in a statement that every convention participant has a right to be heard. 

  • “Unfortunately, a small number of non-Delegate protesters circumvented venue security and disrupted the program,” Hicks said. “They were heard and following a closing statement by the final candidate, the program was concluded and all attendees exited the venue.”
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