Good, bad, or ugly? Calif. bullet trains revels renderings of first station.

Is the rendering of the bullet train railway station futuristic or an eyesore on the Valley floor? Sound off!

California’s struggling high-speed rail program continues to plug away in constructing viaducts across the San Joaquin Valley floor.

Now, it’s planning for the next phase of the surely unlikely journey: building railway stations.


The central point of California’s statewide bullet train was meant to be Fresno.

However, with the project slimming down its scale from a San Francisco-to-Los Angeles rail line to Merced-to-Bakersfield, it remained an open question as to whether the visuals of Fresno’s station would similarly shrink.

Fresno’s government affairs chief John Ellis laid the terms clear for members of California’s High-Speed Rail Authority.

“A vibrant station design is a must,” Ellis said. Fresno “is not interested in having a platform placed in the heart of a thriving downtown.”

California’s bullet train agency released the following renderings of the station.

What do you think?

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