FCI Dublin won’t close until all inmates are reviewed

A judge has ordered that every inmate’s status needs to be reviewed before the prison can shut down.

Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) Dublin will not close down until the status of each inmate is reviewed. 

The federal women’s prison is set to close down and is known as the “rape club.” 


The big picture: A federal judge ordered that the status of each of the 605 inmates needs to be reviewed before the prison can shut down. 

  • The reviews will include whether or not the prisoners should be transferred to another facility or released to home confinement, halfway houses or granted compassionate release. 
  • Advocates have called for inmates to be released from FCI Dublin due to issues such as sexual abuse, hazardous conditions like mold and asbestos and inadequate healthcare.
  • The decision to close FCI Dublin marks an acknowledgment that reform efforts by the Bureau of Prisons have failed, following an Associated Press investigation that exposed a culture of sexual abuse at the facility.
  • A special master was appointed to oversee the troubled prison and ensure correct inmate transfers, with concerns raised about the lack of transparency in the closure process.
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