FBI warns of extortion scheme for people with ties to India

People have faced violence after refusing to meet the extortion demands, leading to the FBI issuing a warning on Tuesday.

Federal officials are warning the public about an extortion scheme tied to people with family or business ties to India. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Sacramento Field Office announced Tuesday that it is tracking several instances throughout its 34-county area in which people were targeted for extortion and threatened with violence. 


The big picture: The FBI said the criminal acts are believed to be underreported. 

  • In recent extortion attempts, the subjects demanded a large amount of money and threatened physical violence or death. 
  • People who disregarded the demands quickly became victims of violence, including targeted shootings at their residences and vehicles. 

What they’re saying: “We are deeply concerned for the safety and economic security of our neighbors of Indian descent who have been targeted,” said Acting Special Agent in Charge Mark Remily, who leads the FBI Sacramento Field Office. “Criminals are targeting hard working, law-abiding business owners and are using thug tactics to extort them in clear violation of the law. Timely reporting of attempted extortion to the authorities will help law enforcement to identify and disrupt this criminal scheme, ensuring the safety and economic security of the community.”

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