Denny’s to shut down Oakland location because of crime

Oakland’s rampant crime issue is leading to restaurants leaving town.

A Denny’s restaurant in Oakland is closing due to high crime in the area. 

This is the second restaurant to close in Oakland over the last few weeks, following an announcement from In-N-Out that its location near the airport will shut down because of crime. 


The big picture: Denny’s said the “safety and well-being” of its customers and employees is the reason for the closure. 

  • All employees will be offered employment at other Denny’s locations. 
  • Customers and employees at the In-N-Out reported regular car break-ins, property damage, and armed robberies in the area.
  • A Shell gas station located on Hegenberger Road, about a mile from Denny’s, has also become a hotspot for auto break-ins,” according to SFGATE. 
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