Valley favorite ski resort sold. Here’s who owns China Peak now.

After 13 years in the owner’s box, Tim Cohee has sold China Peak Ski Resort. Here’s who is taking over.

China Peak Mountain Resort will keep its name, but has new ownership as of the first week of December.

Mountain High and Dodge Ridge Resorts finalized their purchase of China Peak in early December to add to its portfolio.  Mountain High Resort is located in the southern California town of Wrightwood, and Dodge Ridge Mountain Resort is located in the northern California city of Pinecrest.  According to the new owner, the acquisition of China Peak gives them a unique presence in Central California.


Karl Kapuscinski, China Peak’s new owner says, “China Peak represents an appealing market in Central California that gives us a strong hold on a broad geographic market from Southern California all the way to the South Bay, where Dodge Ridge does really well. It made good sense for (us) to add China Peak and start to build an even larger audience than any of the three resorts can do on their own.”

Former China Peak owner/operator Tim Cohee will relinquish his title as owner of China Peak and will remain in the capacity of resort operator, for what he says, will be the foreseeable future.

“After 43 years in resort management, 30 as operator, the past 13 as an owner, there aren’t a lot of scenarios where staying on as the resort GM was appealing,” said Cohee. “But I’ve known Karl a long time, have a great deal of respect for what he’s done at Mountain High and his plans for Dodge Ridge… As a ski marketer at heart for over four decades the opportunities we see between these three resorts in terms of new products and branding are very exciting.”

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