Valley counties remain best bang for your buck for property taxes. Here’s who is top dog.

As Californians start shelling out for their first of two property tax payments, where can you get the best value? The San Joaquin Valley, one study found.

Fresno County ranks as one of the top places in California for property tax value. 

According to a study released by financial firm SmartAsset, Fresno County ranks third in the state for its residents receiving the most value for what they pay in property taxes. 


The study took into account median home value, average property tax rate, math and reading arts proficiencies for school districts and property value over a five-year period. 

Per the study, Fresno County received a school rating of 7, which was tied for first in SmartAsset’s top 10. 

Fresno County has also seen a 45.32 percent rate of home value growth, to go along with a property tax rate of 0.82 percent

A few other Central Valley counties joined Fresno County as one of the best places in the state for property tax value. 

Kings County ranked above Fresno County in second place, followed by Merced County in fourth, Tulare County in fifth and Madera County in eighth. 

Here’s a look at California’s top 10 places for property tax value: 

RankCounty, StateProperty Tax RateSchool RatingHome Value GrowthOverall Index
1Imperial, CA0.89%4.0047.89%64.05
2Kings, CA0.79%5.0040.83%63.77
3Fresno, CA0.82%7.0045.32%59.81
4Merced, CA0.71%2.0055.85%57.09
5Tulare, CA0.77%2.0043.51%55.91
6Butte, CA0.71%5.0046.03%55.51
7Shasta, CA0.77%7.0041.70%55.27
8Madera, CA0.75%2.0045.48%53.79
9Sutter, CA0.89%6.0050.15%50.95
10Sacramento, CA0.81%7.0050.22%49.88
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