New York Times sues Microsoft over AI chatbots

The media company claims Microsoft and OpenAI have illegally trained chatbots on New York Times articles.

The New York Times has filed a federal lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging the unlawful use of its stories to train chatbots.

Driving the news: The lawsuit, which was filed in the Southern District of New York in Manhattan, claiming that OpenAI and Microsoft are using The New York Times’ work to create AI products that compete with the newspaper and threaten its ability to provide its own services.


  • Media organizations have been affected by the migration of readers to online platforms, and artificial intelligence technology, including AI chatbots, has the potential to disrupt the industry.
  • Artificial intelligence companies scrape information, including articles from media organizations, to train their AI chatbots, attracting significant investments.
  • The New York Times did not specify the damages it is seeking, but it aims to hold OpenAI and Microsoft accountable for the unlawful use of its valuable works.
  • The complaint alleges that Microsoft and OpenAI have used The New York Times’ journalism without payment or permission, essentially benefitting from the newspaper’s investments.
  • The lawsuit comes after unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue through negotiations between The New York Times, Microsoft, and OpenAI.
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