Harris Ranch denies report of diesel generator for Tesla Supercharger

After reports came out that Harris Ranch had a diesel generator on site to power the Tesla Supercharger station, the resort invites the public to see that no such generator exists.

Harris Ranch is speaking out against a report that the Tesla Supercharger station on site is run by a diesel plant. 

Harris Ranch released a statement Thursday categorically denying the report and inviting any interested parties to evaluate the property for themselves. 


The backstory: Bay Area publication SFGATE published an article on Sep. 3 claiming that the Tesla Supercharger station at Harris ranch – the largest such station in the world – is powered by a small diesel plant. 

The big picture: Harris Ranch said in its statement that the building in question is not and has never been a diesel plant. 

  • The building was initially a car wash station and was converted into a battery swap-out station in 2015 before becoming a storage facility and office for the Harris Ranch Express BBQ management team. 
  • Harris Ranch denies that there are any diesel plants or diesel generators on its property. 

What they’re saying: “Harris Ranch prides itself on a foundation of transparency and forthrightness with our patrons,” Harris Ranch said in a statement. “Consequently, we warmly invite our customers and concerned parties to personally visit and inspect our property. We are confident that any evaluation will substantiate our statements regarding the absence of diesel power facilities at the Harris Ranch Resort.”

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