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Report: Gas rebate could be delayed for months

Californians hoping for financial relief from high gas prices might have to keep waiting. 

 Just a couple months ago Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed a rebate to all Californians to make up for how high gas prices have risen this year. 

His proposal would be based on the number of vehicles people own. People would get $400 per vehicle, topping out at $800 for two vehicles. 

The Department of Motor Vehicles would administer his plan and send out debit cards starting early this summer, Newsom told the Bay Area News Group. 

But Democrats in the state legislature have other ideas. 

Democratic leadership is seeking to give Californians $200 with another $200 for each child or dependent. 

The legislature’s plan would also see the Franchise Tax Board carry out the refund, which Newsom thinks would see it pushed back to October and carry on through spring 2023. 

“FTB can’t get the money out quickly, because they’re in the middle of tax refund season,” Newsom told the Bay Area News Group. “My sense was, people may get a little cranky about that. They may want a little quicker relief.” 

Negotiations over the competing proposals will come to a head this week as the state approves its May budget revision. 

In the meantime, the average gas price across the state are over $5.80, according to AAA, although prices in the Central Valley are hovering closer to $5.60. 

Daniel Gligich is a reporter for The San Joaquin Valley Sun, focusing on Fresno State Athletics and the southern San Joaquin Valley. Email him at