CPUC green lights immediate distribution of energy bill credits

Californians will not have to wait until April to see some relief on their natural gas bills.

After a week of speculation, Californians will receive their energy and gas credits earlier than anticipated. 

The California Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously on Thursday to distribute the semi-annual credits as soon as possible. 


Driving the news: Energy bills have been on the rise in recent months due to cooler temperatures and a pinch on the supply of natural gas. PG&E is forecasting that bills could be over 30 percent higher than a year ago, and SoCal Gas is looking at gas rates being twice as expensive. 

  • The California Climate Credit is usually distributed twice a year for the electric credit and once a year for the natural gas credit. PG&E customers will receive $52.78 off their natural gas bill and a $38.39 credit for their electricity use. 

The big picture: While the first credit is usually distributed in April, Thursday’s vote did not set a deadline for delivery, but the CPUC ordered utilities to send them out immediately, or as soon as could be put into practice. 

  • The commission did not touch the upcoming October energy credit, which comes just for electric bills as the natural gas credit is only delivered once annually. 

What they’re saying: Commission President Alice Busching Reynolds admitted that the credit may not be enough to cover the increase in natural gas bills. 

  • “It’s very concerning that so many customers are struggling to pay their bills, and we hear you that immediate relief is needed,” Reynolds said. 
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