Hanford panel OKs cannabis drying facility to replace cotton facilities

A cannabis drying facility is slated to open on the sprawling site of the Calcot cotton warehouses in Hanford.

GBH Calcot, LLC has gotten the go-ahead from the Hanford Planning Commission to begin drying cannabis at its Hanford warehouse complex.

The facility, located on the old Calcot property at 10210 Idaho Ave., will be the first of its kind in the city, and has 48 35,000 square-foot warehouses. The company initially plans on using only three for drying their product before transporting it offsite for further processing.


According to co-owner and Chief Compliance Officer Marc Garcia, the cannabis is grown in Parlier, and will be transported to the Hanford site for drying before being returned to Parlier for processing into oils, edibles and other products.

“We’ve gone out of our way to minimize our waste after processing is complete,” Garcia said.  “We use all parts of the plants except for the stems and roots, and those will get disposed of at our facility in Parlier.”

The treatment of the cannabis plants was highlighted during the Tuesday Commission meeting by Norman Allinder, GBH Calcot’s director of business development.

“We use dehumidfiers to draw the water from the plants and it gets recycled to use on the landscape,” Allinder told the Commission before its unanimous vote for approval of the facility’s conditional use permit.

Garcia said the facility would have no more than 10 employees initially, but there is hope of expanding the operation in a multi-phase project which could potentially offer more employment opportunities for Hanford and Kings County residents.

“The proposal to process, cure, grade and store cannabis in Hanford adds value to crops being produced in the area,” said Kings County Supervisor Joe Neves. “The value enhancement of the cannabis to a market-ready product makes sense. It will be an interesting project to watch.”

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