Calif. Senator Butler defends time working against AB 5 as Uber consultant

The new California Senator is spending her first days in office explaining why she worked against the state’s controversial labor law for the rideshare company.

Newly-minted Calif. Senator Laphonza Butler is defending her record of consulting for Uber while the company lobbied against AB 5, the 2019 California law that re-classified many independent contractors as employees eligible for state wage and benefit requirements.

What they’re saying: Some on the left criticized Butler’s appointment by Governor Gavin Newsom due to her association with Uber. However, Butler stated that she believes workers should have the protections of employment.


  • Butler, who has spent her career in the labor movement, stated, “My work on AB5 was exactly that” – referring to her goal of ensuring fair opportunities for workers to build unions.
  • The nature of Butler’s specific work on AB 5 was not disclosed, as she declined to discuss the details.
  • Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer paid tribute to Senator Dianne Feinstein in the Senate chamber, calling her a consequential public servant of uncommon integrity. Schumer will also be speaking at Feinstein’s San Francisco funeral.
  • Schumer highlighted Feinstein’s determination and cause-driven approach, recalling her successful efforts in pushing for an assault weapons ban despite strong opposition from the National Rifle Association.

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