Apple reveals AI-features for iPhone, iPad and Mac

The tech giant is jumping into AI after competitors have already committed significant resources to the movement.

Apple will launch a range of new artificial intelligence-powered features across several of its key products, including iPhones, Macs and iPads. 

These customizable tools use generative AI to auto-complete texts and provide supplementary image decoration and enhancements. 


Driving the news: Apple’s voice assistant Siri has also been given a makeover by drawing on generative chat technology. It can now perform extended conversations and help simplify more intricate tasks. Siri can also take actions within the user’s product, including adding or retrieving photos from the Notes app.

  • Although Apple is the world’s second-largest tech firm by market capitalization, it has lagged behind its competitors such as Google and OpenAI in providing AI solutions to its users. 
  • In a bid to catch up and offer generative AI to developers and consumers alike, Apple has launched an AI stack of technology on its latest platform, which leverages generative AI for optimization and event prediction.

State of play: The announcement comes at a difficult time for Apple, as smartphone and iPad sales have dropped by 10% and 17%, respectively, in the past year. 

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