AirTag Stalker Class Action Lawsuit moves forward

Apple has been accused of not taking enough action to prevent stalkers from using AirTags.

A federal judge in California has ruled that a class-action lawsuit against Apple regarding the use of AirTags by stalkers can move forward.

Driving the news: The lawsuit accuses Apple of taking inadequate steps to prevent stalkers from using AirTag tracking devices, which the company once claimed were “stalker-proof.” While the judge dismissed some claims, a select few will proceed past Apple’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, acknowledging that Apple may still prevail later in the case.


  • The lawsuit, filed by 38 plaintiffs, argues that the “unparalleled accuracy, ease of use, and affordability” of AirTags make them an effective tool for stalkers.
  • The AirTag, launched by Apple in 2021, is designed to help users keep track of their belongings but can be misused by hiding them in cars or luggage to track individuals without their knowledge.

What they’re saying: Apple has argued that the misuse of their products is the fault of the user, citing a previous ruling related to distracted driving caused by an iPhone. However, the judge expressed that in this case, the harm is directly related to the main purpose of the AirTag, which is to track location.

    • Apple has acknowledged the issue and stated that AirTags were not designed for tracking people or property without consent.
    • The company claims to have implemented measures to mitigate the problem, such as notifications sent to users if there is an AirTag tracking them.
    • The plaintiffs argue that sometimes users are unaware they are being tracked, and notifications can come hours after the device is attached.
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