Westlands meets its groundwater recharge goal

The water district is eyeing an even greater amount of groundwater saved ahead of a potential wet winter.

Westlands Water District announced Tuesday that it has met its ambitious groundwater recharge goal. 

With a potentially strong El Nino season ahead, the district is extending its recharge goals to take advantage of a wet winter. 


The big picture: Westlands has captured 200,000 acre feet of groundwater, recharging it back into district aquifers. 

  • The district was able to achieve its goal due to the strong commitment from landowners to implement climate-resilient farming practices and building a sustainable water future. 
  • Westlands had its goal of 200,000 acre feet set for the end of next February. 
  • Now the district is setting its goal at 275,000 acre feet of groundwater recharge by Feb. 29, 2024. 

What they’re saying: “This outstanding achievement demonstrates the District’s dedication to ensuring a long-term water future in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley’s prime farmland,” said Allison Febbo, General Manager of Westlands. “This year farmers and the District went from drought to abundance of water supply and quickly pivoted to capture as much water as possible. With over 434 projects approved and a handful more coming online in the next few weeks, the District is in a great position to take advantage of another wet year.”

  • Westlands Board President Jeff Fortune said the district’s farmers cautiously recognize that the next drought is only a matter of time, necessitating recharge projects. 
  • “Updating our target after hitting our goal demonstrates that our farmers’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond rhetoric,” Fortune said. “We are ‘all-in’ for building a more sustainable water future for the San Joaquin Valley.”
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