WaterFix back under the microscope

Another major infrastructure plan that has been downsized is being analyzed.

California Water Fix is the infrastructure project of tunneling through the Delta.

The project has changed from two tunnels with Governor Brown, to one tunnel with Governor Newsom.  The project is akin to High-Speed Rail, which was planned from Los Angeles to San Francisco under Governor Brown only to be pared down to a Bakersfield to Merced route under Governor Newsom.  

Newsom has said he supports one tunnel.

Alternatives to the one tunnel are still being discussed.

The bottom-line of WaterFix is that it does nothing to increase supply of water. Much like previous promises from legislation and infrastructure pushes, WaterFix is about a “stabilized supply.”

Most in the water business have heard this before.  It translates to the State taking water with the guarantee what is left to deliver will be secure.

Many have seen that this is not the case.

When it comes to surface supply of water, over 2.5 million acre-feet per year has changed hands from humans to the ocean.

Ultimately, we’ll see how WaterFix develops under Governor Newsom, given the continued post-Brown downsizing of ambitions.

Wayne Western, Jr. the The Sun’s Agriculture Pulse contributor, writing on the San Joaquin Valley’s agricultural community and water issues.

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