Ruiz Foods to shut down Tulare processing plant

There are over 200 employees who will be affected by the closure, and the company is offering to transfer them to other facilities.

Ruiz Foods is closing down its processing plant in Tulare after 20 years. 

The move comes one year after moving its manufacturing headquarters to Texas. 


The big picture: Ruiz Foods, the largest manufacturer of Mexican food in the nation, said in a statement last week that the Tulare facility is too small. 

  • The Tulare facility would need substantial investment to meet the company’s manufacturing needs to remain a viable part of the company. 
  • The plant will close between Aug. 30 and Sep. 13. 

Go deeper: Ruiz Foods currently employs 215 people at the Tulare facility, according to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act notification. 

  • Some of the employees will have the option to transfer to the company’s facility in Dinuba. 

What they’re saying: Ruiz Foods spokesperson Paula Wright told the Sun Gazette that the facility was opened in 2004 to serve as an extension to the Dinuba plant. 

  • It was never intended to last this long as it was originally a short-term option. 
  • “It was never supposed to last 20 years,” Wright told the Sun Gazette. “It was actually an extension of our Dinuba plant, which is one of our core plants – it’s a much bigger plant.” 
  • Wright told the paper that there will be an opportunity for employees to transfer to facilities in South Carolina and Texas as well. 
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