Calif. officials ban watering “useless” grass over drought worries

Brown lawns are on the horizon as California head into summer – but not all turf is on the chopping block.

Brown lawns are on the horizon as California head into summer.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the California Water Resources Control Board voted to ban watering grass on commercial properties. The new regulation would not affect places like sports fields or other recreational areas.


California saw its driest January through March on record.

After Californians failed to voluntarily reduce water use by 15 percent, the state could see the return of similar water restrictions from 2015.

Now, that the board passed a water ban on commercial turf what does it mean?

Essentially, the mandate targets turf not owned by a homeowner or one frequently used for recreation and community events.

If someone violates the water ban on commercial turf, the person could face a fine.

Water suppliers, the state or local government could enforce this restriction.

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