CA Water Board summarizes 3,500 page plan in two-page letter to EPA

The California State Water Resources Control Board has submitted their proposal of amendments to the Bay-Delta Plan to the United States Environmental Protection Agency for review and approval.  

Their submittal to the EPA is the culmination of a decade of hearings and studies.

Thousands of people submitted comments. Public workshops were held throughout the state.  

A statewide coalition of water users and stakeholders, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the California Department of Water Resources, and a letter from Governors Brown and Newsom were ignored while the Board moved forward with their plans.

After all of this, their submittal to the EPA amounted to little more than a few paragraphs and a graph.

They forgot to mention the 40-60% unimpaired flows they will take from tributaries to the Lower San Joaquin River and send to the ocean. Water that was previously supporting cities and farms.

Wayne Western, Jr. the The Sun’s Agriculture Pulse contributor, writing on the San Joaquin Valley’s agricultural community and water issues.

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