Trying to find affordable California cities? Here’s where Valley communities stack up.

The Valley has long been seen as the final frontier for affordable homes in the Golden State, but how do we really stand?

Three Valley municipalities are among the most affordable places to live in California, according to a recent study by financial firm SmartAsset. 

Madera Acres took the San Joaquin Valley’s top spot, coming in at No. 2 in the state. 

The unincorporated community located just north of Madera scored 49.39 in SmartAsset’s affordability index, which was compiled by looking at the five-year cost of owning a house compared to the median income of the area. 

For comparison, California City took the state’s top spot with a 50.01 score, out of 100. 

Madera Acres had pricier costs than much of the top 10 with $2,716 in average closing costs, $1,435 in annual property tax, $535 in annual homeowner’s insurance and an average annual mortgage payment of $9,797. 

The overall high ranking for Madera Acres came because of its relatively high median income, which is $88,482. 

Coalinga came in second in the San Joaquin Valley and ranked fifth in the state for affordability. 

The western Fresno County city saw its average closing costs come in at $2,434, annual property tax is $1,494, annual homeowner’s insurance is $388 and the average annual mortgage payment totaled $7,107. 

Coalinga’s median income measured at $62,522. 

Coming in at 9th, Tulare County-based Orosi rounded out the San Joaquin Valley’s representation in the top 10. 

Orosi had its average closing costs total $2,311, annual property tax of $1,278, annual homeowner’s insurance of $344 and the average annual mortgage payment came in relatively low at $6,292. 

Orosi also had one of the lowest median incomes at $40,667. 

RankCity, StateAvg. Closing CostsAnnual Property TaxAnnual Homeowner’s InsuranceAvg. Annual Mortgage PaymentMedian IncomeAffordability Index
1California City, CA$2,223$1,263$284$5,202$49,02250.01
2Madera Acres, CA$2,716$1,435$535$9,797$88,48249.39
3Imperial, CA$2,741$2,150$547$10,023$85,65445.76
4Ridgecrest, CA$2,460$1,864$411$7,533$69,57744.77
5Coalinga, CA$2,434$1,494$388$7,107$62,52244.31
6Barstow, CA$2,200$977$267$4,892$40,63344.06
7Homeland, CA$2,250$1,230$356$6,530$49,18042.05
8Spring Valley Lake, CA$2,934$2,736$641$11,744$84,72741.49
9Orosi, CA$2,311$1,278$344$6,296$40,66739.52
10Taft, CA$2,377$2,080$334$6,121$45,19739.03
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