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New report reveals Fresno State’s economic impact

A new report from the California State University System revealed the sizable economic impact that Fresno State has had on the local economy. 

According to the report, every dollar that California invests into Fresno State generates $7.35 in statewide spending. 

For alumni-related economic activity, a $1 dollar investment has returned $32.29. 

During 2018-2019, California invested $190.1 million in Fresno State through operating and average capital appropriations. 

Over that same period, the university supported 11,142 jobs, $436.9 million in labor income and $1.3 billion in industry activity. Fresno State also contributed $81.2 million in state and local tax revenue. 

“This report underscores the important connection that Fresno State has with our region,” said Interim University President Saul Jimenez-Sandoval in a statement. “We are pleased to be a major contributor to the economic well-being of the Valley, as we have been for over a century. 

“If we look beyond the economic aspect, our University is a regional research hub, a major source of volunteers in community services and the principal preparer of teachers, agribusiness people, business leaders, health care workers, engineers and other skilled workers in the Valley. 

“A Fresno State education improves the trajectory of the lives of students and their families, and elevates the quality of life of our region.” 

Overall, the CSU system as a whole generated $6.97 for every dollar invested. That number totals $23.26 when considering alumni. 

Fresno State, California State University, Bakersfield and California State University, Stanislaus combined to spend $1.6 billion on operations, capital, auxiliary and student spending in 2019. The three universities employed over 20,500 people, contributed $762 million in labor income and $2.2 billion in regional industry activity. The schools also generated $141 million in state and local tax revenue.

Staff reports from The San Joaquin Valley Sun staff.