Report: Border Patrol ordered to use gender neutral pronouns

The Biden Administration has reportedly told Border Patrol agents to not use pronouns such as he and her in order not to misgender someone.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have reportedly been ordered to use gender neutral pronouns when dealing with the public. 

The order comes from a memo obtained by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project. 


Driving the news: The memo states that agents should not use he/him or she/her pronouns when initially interacting with members of the public, until more information is obtained or provided by the individual.

  • Agents are encouraged in the memo to use a universal greeting such as “good morning” or “good evening.” 
  • If incorrect pronouns are used and corrected by the individual, agents should acknowledge the oversight and use the correct pronoun. 
  • The memo also provides definitions of various gender terms, such as bisexual, gay, gender expression, gender identity, gender non-conforming, intersex, lesbian, non-binary, queer, questioning, sex assigned at birth, sexual orientation, transgender, transgender woman, transgender man, and transitioning.
  • The memo states that this guidance is meant to facilitate effective communication with the diverse public CBP serves, including LGBTQ individuals.
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