Pelosi says it is up to Biden to decide on re-election

The former House Speaker did not give a full endorsement of the president’s re-election campaign.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–San Francisco) said on Wednesday that “it’s up to the president to decide” whether to stay in the 2024 race, despite President Joe Biden’s insistence on running for re-election.

Pelosi’s comments reflect the unsettled question among prominent Democrats and Capitol Hill regarding Biden’s candidacy.


Driving the news: Pelosi’s influential position as the former House speaker and her longstanding alliance with Biden positions her as a key figure within the Democratic leadership who could sway the president’s decision.

  • When asked about her personal desire for Biden to continue in the race, Pelosi responded to MSNBC, “I want him to do whatever he decides to do.”
  • The lack of a full statement from Pelosi endorsing Biden’s continued campaign indicates lingering questions within the party about his candidacy and its effectiveness against Republican Donald Trump.

Go deeper: Other Democrats, such as Sen. Michael Bennet, have expressed concerns about the potential for a second Trump presidency, emphasizing that it is a moral question about the future of the country.

  • Pelosi urged Democrats to wait before making any announcements about Biden’s campaign, particularly given his recent forceful speech at the NATO summit and his accomplishments as president.
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