Justin Timberlake arrested for DWI

The singer and actor was arrested in an affluent part of Long Island.

Justin Timberlake was arrested on allegations of driving while intoxicated on Long Island, New York.

Timberlake was arrested early Tuesday and was later released from custody after being arraigned in Sag Harbor, located on the eastern end of Long Island.


The big picture: He was charged with one count of DWI, and his next court date is scheduled for July 26, according to the district attorney’s office of Suffolk County.

  • Sag Harbor is a coastal village in the Hamptons, a summer destination for wealthy visitors.
  • Justin Timberlake rose to fame in the boy band NSYNC and embarked on a solo recording career in 2002. As an actor, he has won acclaim in movies such as The Social Network and Friends with Benefits.
  • Last year, Timberlake made headlines when his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears released her memoir, which included personal details about their relationship.

What we’re watching: Timberlake has two upcoming shows in Chicago on Friday and Saturday and is scheduled to perform at New York’s Madison Square Garden next week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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