Department of Defense asks for major diversity investment

This would be the most funding set aside for DOD diversity initiatives.

The Department of Defense (DOD) is asking for around $114 million to fund wide-ranging diversity initiatives. 

Driving the news: Funding would be used for the diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) programs in fiscal year 2024. 


  • According to the DOD’s Strategic Management Plan for fiscal year 2022 to 2026, the funding would be across the Military Departments, OSD Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. 
  • Funding would invest in programs and initiatives aimed at furthering DEIA and incorporating DEIA values, objectives and considerations in how the department does business and executes its missions. 
  • This would be the most funding of its kind the DOD has received, previously requesting $68 million in DEIA initiatives in fiscal year 2022 and $86.5 million in fiscal year 2023, according to reports. 
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