Blinken urges Hamas to accept cease-fire plan

The Secretary of State is calling on Hamas to accept the plan that was endorsed by the United Nations Security Council.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on Hamas to accept a U.S.-backed proposal for a Gaza cease-fire.

The U.N. Security Council endorsed the proposal, with Blinken emphasizing that the world supports the plan.


The big picture: Hamas has yet to submit its official response to the U.N. resolution, despite initially welcoming the plan.

  • The U.N. human rights office raised concerns of potential war crimes by both Israeli forces and Palestinian militants during a deadly Israeli raid.
  • Blinken’s visit to the region focuses on garnering support for the cease-fire proposal and advancing postwar plans for Gaza’s governance.

Driving the news: The proposal, announced by President Joe Biden, entails a three-phased plan, including a lasting cease-fire, the release of hostages, and withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza.

  • The proposal has raised hopes of ending the 8-month war that has caused significant casualties and displacement.
  • Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed commitment to the proposal, but has disputed key aspects, stating that Israel won’t end the war without destroying Hamas and achieving the return of all the hostages.
  • The U.N. Security Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposal, with the majority of its members supporting its implementation without delay or condition.
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