Biden administration targets toxic emissions with new rule

Over 200 chemical plants will be affected by the rule.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a new rule that mandates more than 200 chemical plants in the US to reduce toxic emissions likely to cause cancer. 

The rule aims to address health risks and environmental justice by targeting emissions of chemicals like ethylene oxide and chloroprene. 


The big picture: There are 218 facilities across the U.S., with many in Texas and Louisiana, that are subject to the new rule. 

  • According to the EPA, over 6,200 tons of toxic air pollutants will be cut annually. 
  • The rule will also implement fenceline monitoring to protect nearby communities. 
  • The rule will reduce ethylene oxide and chloroprene emissions by nearly 80%, in conjunction with a previous rule targeting ethylene oxide emissions from medical sterilizers. 
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