A’s file trademarks as part of interim move to Sacramento

While the A’s won’t be named the Sacramento Athletics in their few years in the state capital, they may have Sacramento appear on their uniforms.

When the Oakland Athletics move to Sacramento for a few years until their new stadium is ready in Las Vegas, they do not have any plans at this point to take on California’s capital as part of their name in the interim. 

However, the A’s have taken steps to secure “Sacramento Athletics” and “Sacramento A’s” branding for clothes. 


The backstory: The A’s announced Thursday that they will play at Sutter Health Part in Sacramento at least from 2025-2027, ending months of uncertainty about where they would call home until the move to Nevada is complete. 

  • A’s President Dave Kaval told the media that the team will be called “just the A’s, just the Athletics,” not having a city be part of the name. 

The big picture: Kaval also said that the team plans to honor Sacramento in other ways, which includes uniforms and clothing. 

  • The team filed trademark applications for Sacramento A’s and Sacramento Athletics on Thursday. 
  • The trademark for Sacramento Athletics would cover clothing categories such as uniforms, as well as headwear, shirts, dresses, jackets, sweatshirts, socks and other clothing items. 
  • The trademark application for Sacramento A’s is for entertainment services, including baseball games, media production, mascot performances, cheerleaders and fan clubs. 
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