Yosemite shuts down Tioga Road for winter

All signs point to the winter season arriving at Yosemite National Park.

One of the main routes through Yosemite National Park will be closed throughout the winter. 

The big picture: The National Park Service announced Tioga Road will be closed due to snow. It will likely remain closed through May and possibly into June. 


  • Tioga Pass, also known as Highway 120, is a 46-mile route that runs east-west through Yosemite high country. 
  • The closure extends from the Tuolumne Grove, just east of Crane Flat, to Tioga Pass Entrance Station. 
  • It is now not possible to drive to Tuolumne Meadows or enter Yosemite National Park from the east. 
  • All other park entrances will remain open through the winter. 

Winter wonderland: While the closure of Tioga Road signals the start of the winter season, Yosemite also opened the ice skating rink at Curry Village on Wednesday. 

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