Proposed Planned Parenthood clinic draws early protest in Tulare

The region’s pro-life group organized quick opposition to the early stages of the proposed abortion clinic.

Planned Parenthood’s early attempts to set up shop in Tulare have already been met with significant resistance. 

Tulare-Kings Right to Life organized a protest last week when the Tulare Site Plan Review Committee met to consider an application from Planned Parenthood Mar Monte for a new facility in town, per a report from The Valley Voice.


The big picture: Last Wednesday the Site Plan Review Committee held its first meeting to discuss the application from Planned Parenthood. 

  • The committee reviewed the site, which is located at Leland Ave. and Paseo Del Lago and would house a 6,000 square-foot medical clinic. 
  • With the review in tow, Planned Parenthood can submit an application to the city for a conditional use permit, which would eventually lead to a hearing and decision by the planning commission. 

Driving the news: Dozens of people attended the protest last week organized by Tulare-Kings Right to Life. 

  • Planned Parenthood already has a clinic in Visalia, but in 2021 the organization attempted to move into a larger facility, which was ultimately barred by the Visalia City Council. 
  • Tulare does not have a Planned Parenthood clinic currently, and the Visalia clinic does not provide abortion services. 

What they’re saying: Tulare-Kings Right to Life posted pictures and videos of the protest on its Facebook page and spoke out against the proposed clinic. 

  • “Our opposition will be heard. Our weapons of war are prayer, community, persistence, and our Chief in command is God our Father. We will move forward in this battle with love and peace,” the organization wrote.
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