Amazon rolls out 2,000 new north Valley jobs with boosted pay, bonuses

The e-commerce giant isn’t taking labor shortages lying down, announcing a boost in warehouse wages to an average of $17 per hour.

Amazon announced it is hiring 2,000 new workers in its northern San Joaquin Valley logistics facilities with increased salaries and bonuses.

The announcement comes amid a hiring spree for the e-commerce giant, which confirmed it was seeking to fill 75,000 new positions nationwide.


The company’s Stockton, Sacramento, and Tracy fulfillment warehouses will see new-hires reach a newly-increased average salary of $17 per hour along with a limited-time $1,000 signing bonus for joining the company by June 20.

Amazon also announced that it would pay new-hires an additional $100 for being fully-vaccinated before joining the company.

Amazon’s increase in salary comes as low-skilled and unskilled labor sectors have had to contend with generous unemployment benefits due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The company also offers workers 401(K) matching, paid parental leave, and its college tuition pre-payment program.

Prospective applicants can find opportunities in the north Valley by clicking here.

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