Selma axes long-term contract with Second Chance Animal Shelter

The city’s police department will be responsible for animal control issues within the city.

Selma has ended its relationship with the Selma Second Chance Animal Shelter after hours of discussion at the city council meeting on Monday. 

The council decided on a 3-2 vote to let the contract with the shelter expire at the end of the year. 


The big picture: While the animal shelter had a 10-year relationship with the city, the city council considered two items Monday evening which spelled the end of the contract. 

  • The council voted to remove the shelter’s name from city code that previously only allowed Second Chance Shelter as the only group for contract animal control in the city. 
  • Following that vote, the council then voted to let the contract expire, opening the door for other organizations to provide animal control in the city. 

Go deeper: Selma City Manager Fernando Santillian told the council that the city has spent nearly $300,000 on the shelter this year and recommended having the Selma Police Department return to being in charge of animal control. 

  • He suggested that Fresno Humane Animal Services should be asked to work with Second Chance Shelter to help improve its poor conditions and struggling finances. 
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