Grove, Youngblood back Boudreaux over Fong in battle for McCarthy’s Congressional seat

The two elected officials from Kern County have opted to support Boudreaux instead of Vince Fong.

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux received major endorsements from the south Valley on Wednesday, signaling a win for him against one of his top competitors for Congressional District 20, Asm. Vince Fong (R–Bakersfield). 

Sen. Shannon Grove (R–Bakersfield) and Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood joined Boudreaux at the World Ag Expo on Wednesday to throw their support behind him. 


The big picture: Fong has already received the endorsement from his former employer, Speaker Emeritus Kevin McCarthy, as well as support from Speaker Mike Johnson and the House GOP leadership team. 

  • But local officials are by and large pulling together behind Boudreaux, with former Rep. Connie Conway, Asm. Devon Mathis (R–Visalia) and every sheriff ranging from Kern County to Stanislaus County. 
  • Along with Grove and Youngblood, the Kern Law Enforcement Association and the Bakersfield Police Officers Association endorsed Boudreaux on Wednesday as well. 

What they’re saying: “District 20 is home to strategic military bases in East Kern, the top three food-producing counties in the world, and 70% of the state’s oil and gas energy,” Grove said at a press conference Wednesday. “I know that Mike Boudreaux will fight for this Valley to ensure this district feeds the world and fuels the nation.” 

  • Grove said Boudreaux will fight to secure the southern border and answer when people call. 
  • “He’s willing to be a problem solver – regardless of how big or small your problem might be,” Grove said. “Mike Boudreaux will solve your problem and be available to all of you. I’m proud to be endorsing and supporting Mike Boudreaux for Congress.” 
  • Youngblood said he is in lockstep with Boudreaux, his colleague to the north. 
  • “Sheriff Mike Boudreaux and I are lockstep on the second Amendment,” Youngblood said. “Between Kern and Tulare counties, we’ve issued more than 25,000 CCWs to citizens, more than any place else in the state of California. We are lockstep on immigration. I stood with Mike side-by-side on the southern border with President Trump and we told him ‘We have to secure the border.’ I’m extremely proud to endorse Sheriff Mike Boudreaux to serve as our Congressman. I think he’s going to do a great job and represent us extremely well.” 
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