GOP group steps up to back Valadao following impeachment vote

The group announced more than $1 million in spending to support Congressional Republicans in the wake of the January vote to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Congressman David Valadao (R–Hanford) is receiving support from a national Republican group for his vote to impeach former President Donald Trump. 

The Republican Accountability Project launched a $1 million advertisement campaign last month to support Congressional Republicans who voted to impeach and convict Trump through a series of billboards and television advertisement. 


The organization posted a billboard advertisement along Highway 99 in Bakersfield thanking Valadao for his vote. 

Valadao also received a television advertisement in his favor – which aired on Fox News – depicting the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6. 

“Thank you Representative Valadao for upholding your oath to the Constitution and for protecting our country,” the advertisement said. 

Olivia Troye, a director with the Republican Accountability Project, told The Sun that the organization’s support of Valadao is an effort to message to Valley residents that Valadao took a stand against what she considers the more extreme wing of the Republican Party that supported Trump. 

“It’s really talking to their voters and their constituents, reminding them of these individuals and what they did, and reminding them that they should be supporting these individuals,” Troye said. “They represent them. In our opinion, it’s better for the country to have people who actually care about the country and will put the country over a man, Donald Trump, and the party to do what’s right. We just wanted to make sure that that’s not lost on their constituents, on what they did.” 

Troye is a former member of the Trump administration, having served under Vice President Mike Pence as his Homeland Security Advisor as well as his lead staffer on the White House Coronavirus Task Force. 

Troye said the Republican Accountability Project formed shortly after the events of Jan. 6 took place for two purposes: to support the Republicans that voted to impeach and convict Trump and to call for the accountability of the Republicans that have been strong Trump supporters. 

If Valadao faces a challenger in the 2022 primary, Troye said the organization will continue to support him. 

“We certainly plan to support him should he face a challenging primary against a more MAGA-leaning candidate, some of the more extreme factions of the Republican party,” Troye said. “We’ll certainly support someone like him who took a stand against some of these elements that we feel are dangerous.” 

While Valadao has the full backing from the national group, Central Valley Congressmen Kevin McCarthy (R–Bakersfield) and Devin Nunes (R–Tulare) are facing attack advertisements calling for their resignation. 

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