Duarte flips endorsement from key law enforcement group

Two years ago a major law enforcement association supported Adam Gray for Congress. This time around that same group has endorsed John Duarte.

Rep. John Duarte has flipped an endorsement from a law enforcement group that he did not receive two years ago. 

Duarte announced that he has been endorsed by the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), which supported his opponent last time. 


The big picture: PORAC represents over 80,000 officers and is the largest public safety association in California. 

  • In 2022 PORAC endorsed former Asm. Adam Gray (D–Merced), who lost a tight race to Duarte. 
  • Duarte and Gray are set for a rematch in November after advancing in the March primary. 
  • Further, Duarte also has the support of San Joaquin County Sheriff Patrick Withrow, a Democrat. 

What they’re saying: “Every day in Washington, I work alongside Democrats and Republicans to keep our families safe by giving our local law enforcement the support they need,” Duarte said. “I am grateful that PORAC and its members have endorsed our campaign, and I look forward to continuing my work with PORAC to make our Valley safer.”

  • Speaking of Duarte, Withrow said keeping San Joaquin County safe is not a partisan issue, which Duarte gets. 
  • “Representative Duarte has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the women and men of law enforcement and he’s not afraid to break through the political nonsense to get things done for the Valley,” Withrow said. 
  • National Republican Congressional Committee spokesperson Ben Petersen said Duarte’s coalition continues to grow because he always puts the needs of the Central Valley first. 
  • Representative Duarte stands up to the extremes who want to defund the police and fights for funding and policies that help law enforcement officers do their jobs and keep families safe,” Petersen said. 
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