Chris Mathys sues for “MAGA Conservative” ballot designation

Last year Mathys tried to have Trump Conservative next to his name on the ballot.

Congressional candidate Chris Mathys has filed a lawsuit against California Secretary of State Shirley Weber over his desired ballot designation of MAGA Conservative. 

This is the second time in two years that Mathys has filed a challenge over his ballot designation. 


The backstory: Last year Mathys, a former Fresno City Councilman, tried to list his ballot designation as “Trump Conservative,” but was denied by Weber. 

  • He ran for Congress in District 22, challenging Rep. David Valadao (R–Hanford) from the right but placed third in the primary by 2.2 points. 

The big picture: Mathys, who is challenging Valadao once again, had his request for MAGA Conservative denied by Weber. 

  • The lawsuit he filed against her is scheduled for trial on Friday in Sacramento County Superior Court. 

What they’re saying: Mathys said in a statement that he is looking forward to his day in court. 

  • “My campaign believes that the best description of who I am and what I do is ‘MAGA Conservative.’ We believe that our request is on par with other terms used by candidates before us,” Mathys said. 
  • Mathys pointed to the First Amendment in defense of his ballot designation. 
  • “The California Secretary of State is violating these rights when she unilaterally rejects a candidate’s description of who he or she is or how he or she describes themselves,” Mathys said. “I have a right to self-identify as well as my right to choose a ballot designation that aligns with my principals without discrimination.”
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