Madera issues local emergency over sewer break, sinkhole

The city is asking residents to limit their water use in order to not overload the sewage system.

Madera has issued a local state of emergency due to a sinkhole opening up near a sewer line break. 

Residents are being asked to limit their water usage to reduce water drainage into the city sewage line. 


The big picture: The sinkhole opened on Monday morning in the area of Avenue 13 and Road 25. 

  • A big rig carrying fertilizer hit the sinkhole, with the trailer falling in. 
  • The truck driver had minor injuries, according to the California Highway Patrol .

Zoom in: The city is asking residents to limit washing dishes, doing laundry, taking long showers, flushing toilets for non-solid waste and any other activities that require high water discharge in order to ease the impact to the sewage system. 

What they’re saying: The Madera Police Department posted on Facebook that the city’s drinking water is safe and was not affected by the sewer line break or sinkhole. 

  • “The City is addressing a sinkhole on Avenue 13 and Granada Dr., and a hard closure is in effect,” the department said. “This new incident is separate from the line break experienced last week. Updates will be provided as they become available. Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated during this time.” 
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