High winds batter San Joaquin Valley

The latest storm has brought down a bevy of trees in the Valley and is expected to deliver another dose of snow in the Sierra.

This week’s upcoming round of storms began battering California with high-speed winds across the Central Valley. 

National Weather Service Hanford issued a strong winds warning Tuesday that is expected to last through Wednesday morning. The impact across the Valley floor was


The big picture: According to NSW Hanford, northwest winds in the Central Valley set in at 20-30 miles per hour range with some winds gusting up to 55 miles per hour. 

  • Winds along the coastal mountain range at the edge of the valley are coming in around 35-45 miles per hour with gusts up to 70 miles per hour. 
  • NSW Hanford also issued a Kern Desert High Wind Warning with gusts up to 85 miles per hour that result in blowing dust that reduces visibility to less than a quarter mile. 
  • The National Weather Service is also warning of possible snow showers on the Valley floor overnight between Wednesday, though no snow accumulation is expected by Thursday morning.

What we’re watching: California’s intense rains and major snowfall to start the year, and the storms appear to be on the way back after about a month of relatively quiet weather. Visuals of downed trees, however, have dominated the new system. 

  • NWS Hanford issued a winter storm warning for the Grapevine that will be in place through Saturday morning. The weather service is predicting six to nine inches of snowfall as low as 2,500 feet, and above 4,000 feet the Grapevine is expected to see one to two feet of snow. 
  • The Sierra Nevada Mountains and the adjacent foothills also received a winter storm warning with one to two feet of snowfall expected as low as 1,000 feet and over three feet of snowfall at 5,000 feet. 
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