High on the slopes? China Peak says no more

China Peak, the Huntington Lake-based ski resort, is cracking down on skiers using weed on the mountain. 

The ski resort posted an Instagram story over the weekend saying it plans to “crack down on its use” after complaints were lodged regarding skiers with marijuana. 

“Use is illegal at our resort, as we are 100% on the United State Forest Service federal land and must operate by their FEDERAL rules,” the resort wrote on Instagram. 

Because of the federal land, China Peak is one of the few places in California in which it is illegal to use cannabis. 

The resort said it will direct staff to monitor the parking lots and ski lifts to ensure patrons are not smoking weed. 

Such use will get skiers kicked off the mountain. 

“If you choose to use marijuana at China Peak you will be removed from the resort for the day, no exceptions,” the ski resort wrote. 

“If there is any resistance your season pass will be voided for the rest of this season and you will not be allowed to purchase a pass in 2022/23.” 

Staff reports from The San Joaquin Valley Sun staff.